This is the story of a beautiful office romance. How the life of two people merged into the bellow chapters of your typical fairy tail.

Peter moves to BP

Back in the year 2014 Peter decides to make his move to Budapest to pursue the adventure and the unknown. Not knowing that this would turn out to be even more surprising than he would hope for! He leaves his man cave behind on the van Speikstraat in The Hague and sets out in a Hungarian moving van containing all his belongings.

Meet Kata

After making camp and surviving the first weeks of getting used to the new strange habitat Peter is exploring yet a new team in the office. He wasn't prepared for the shock of meeting the beautiful Katalin Lutar. The event went smoothly non the less and from here on out Peter his goal was set.

The Game

For a long time Peter thought to himself how to win over the heart of Katalin. Many attempts failed still winning over such a beauty isn't for the faint hearted. During the cold winter months he carefully laid his trap. A game night in his humble home on the Benczur utca. Happily Kata attended the event and the evening progressed smoothly. Peter wasn't prepared thought for the cunning with which Katalin played his most treasured game "The Colonist of Catan". Taking up the challenge Peter found Katalin to play not only smart but also as a real partner in crime. And so it came to show that besides attracting Peter with her beauty, Katalin also entangled Peter's mind.

Turning point

After months of dancing around the decision finally Kata agreed to take up Peter as her boyfriend. Peter couldn't be more happy and thus immediately presented his treasure to the whole wide word! The infamous picture he posted even exceeded all his facebook records!

Moving in together

As Kata was getting old she soon realized that just a boyfriend would not be enough. She was so happy to have found her knight on a white horse that soon after getting together she made plans with Peter to move into his humble home on the Benczur utca. Before this happening she made strict rules about "no shoes in the house", "no smoking inside" and "average temperature of 30 C". As Peter was still young and naive he thoughtlessly accepted all her demands.

Our Adventures

Ever since Kata and Peter live under one roof they went on many adventures together with their friends. From the sunny beaches of Croatia to the cold ones in Holland. Surviving rainy days in Ireland and enjoying sunny ones in Italy and Barcelona. Introducing each other to the unknown traditions of each other's cultures from amazing weddings to butchering pigs, tasting delicious wines, blessing of the bread or hiking up the beautiful hills surrounding the Balaton lake fueled by liters of palinka.

Proposal Lisbon

During all these adventures Kata and Peter got to know each other through and through. Having the knowledge he required Peter focused on closing the deal. Keeping Kata for the rest of his life! Together with the help of his friends he planned the 25th of September 2017. The day on which he would drop down on his knee, try to say some sweet words in Hungarian and present her with the ring. The day itself really deserves it's own book still let's just say it worked out as well as can be planned!

The Wedding

If you got this far reading our story it can only mean one thing. You are one of our good friends who we keep close to our heart. We would like to celebrate this very special day together with you and start the next chapter in our book of life.