Currently we are planning the logistics before, during and after our wedding day. In order for us to make your day as convenient as possible we would like to inform you and would need to know some details:

From Budapest to Accommodation & Way back to Budapest

Seeing that many of you arranged a rental car on our advice as also due to the little need for help requested in the received RSVP’s we haven’t arranged any transport option from Budapest or Airport to the Region the wedding will be. In case you need help we would advice you to post this in the Facebook group and see if you can arrange a ride with any of our fellow guests.

Alternatively there is a train going from Budapest train station directly to the wedding region. This does take around 2.5 hours. Kata and myself always use this option.

Transport on Friday Open Program

During the Friday before the wedding we are planning a simple but fun get together for the guest who are already in the neighbourhood. During this day we won’t have any transportation organised still let stay in touch and help each other out with a ride if needed.

Transport during the Wedding Day

From Accommodation to Church

Please share details/preference: Name and address of your accommodation

If you wish you can be picked up by a bus we ordered from your accommodation to church with bellow conditions.

"Be aware that this will be at central pick up locations and not on your specific address. (Pick up locations will defined)"

"This means you will have to be ready more than in time (max from 13.30) and arrive 30 minutes before the start of the wedding at the church."

From Church to Restaurant

The same bus will be bringing the guests from the church to the restaurant. In case you come by your own car to the church we advice to take it from the church to the restaurant on own convenience.

From Restaurant to Accommodation

In the evening after the party we have arranged a smaller bus to drive you from the restaurant back to your accommodation. As there will be one bus it will take some planning with the Master of ceremony to get you to your destination hence expect some waiting time.

Morning After

The morning after the wedding we can arrange with other guests to get the drivers back to the restaurant in case they left their car at the party. Traditionally the late morning after the wedding the guest who are still in the vicinity come together to have a last chat and devour the leftovers as breakfast.


In general all travel and accommodation will need to be arranged by the guests.

We advice you to fly in before the Saturday in order to enjoy the beautiful area of Badacsony.

On Friday 21.09.2018 we have an open program in mind for those who are already in the neighborhood. Also we are happy to advice you personally where needed.

Seeing the transportation options we would advice you to rent a car during your stay.

For those who need assistance we are gathering the requirements via our R.S.V.P. Please fill the form before the 1st of August. According to the gathered information we will look into the option of getting a bus to drive from Budapest to Gyulakeszi, connecting to Hegymagas on Saturday morning 22.09.2018. Returning from Gyulakeszi to Budapest on Sunday afternoon.

As we would like everyone to be able to fully enjoy the party into the late evening we will also provide a way of transportation from the party location in the Bak Restaurant to your accommodation.